Hofbräukeller - Some Facts

Some Facts

The Tent:
The Hofbräu-Festzelt is the biggest beer-tent at the Oktoberfest. It is on top the only one with a standing only area just in front of our band-podium for your pleasure. 12 centner hop from the Holledau are forming the decoration.

Tent size:
Length: 85m
Width: 62m
Hight: 13m
Area: ca. 5.210 qm
Garden: ca. 2.365 qm
Tent capacity:
Capacity inside: 4.500
Capacity balconies: 1.518
Standing only area: 1.000
Capacity garden: 3.022
Total: 9.992

What we serve in 16 days
780.000 Liter HB-Beer,
92.000 1/2 chicken,
4.200 pork roast,
6.000 pair of sausages,
2.800 spareribs, ...

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