The Build-Up

July, 15th

The first trucks and containers from Augsburg, where the tent is stored during the year, arrive on the "Thersienwiese". The things, the constructors have to find at first, are the foundations, where the main construction of the tent is build on.

August, 8th

As long as it is possible to move the high ladders through the tent, the 90 feet long cloth pieces are fixed to the ceiling. Together with the real hop this is the main decoration of our tent.

July, 17th

The main construction is lift up. This sceletton-type of construction is the part of the tent all other parts will be fixed to.

July, 20th

Before starting the "inside" of the tent, the roof is built. The layers of whith cloth are fixed to the main construction.

July, 24th

The following days, the two balconies for the HB-Tent are built up. Heavy logs and planks, up to 800 people will sit on later, are lift up by pallet carriers or dredgers. When the floor has been put in, no heavy machines are able to enter anymore.

July, 31st

Meanwhile the wooden floor is put into the tent. It's set on wooden logs that lay on the ground itself. The planks can be used for some years. The newer and very new ones are put in heavily used areas of the tent, like the "Stehbereich", an area where are no Seats, but high tablkes to stand at.

August, 2nd

As soon as the main construction is up, the electric installation can start. The 21 big lamps you can see on the picture are the main light of the tent. There will be hop chaplets around them when the tent is finished. Over all there are about 76 km of cable in the tent.

August, 14th

This will be the kitchen - one of the areas with a concrete floor. The concrete will be removed completely once the Oktoberfest is over. As well as the kitchen floor the floor for the "tap-points" is made of concrete.

August, 16th

This is the HB Crown, that will sit on our roof from now on. It's about 7 feet high and well illuminated, what allows our guests to see the HB-Festzelt from far away.

August, 18th

The tent's interior is quite finished now. The picture is taken from the tent's main entrance towards the back of the tent. The boxes (on the left side) and the fences for the main tent area aren't set up yet. The fences will be set up the last week before the Oktoberfest starts, when also tables and benches will be setup.

August, 23rd

The "Aloisius" is back! At least his head. Alois Hingerl is Munich's most famous porter. When his head and body are repaired and painted, he will be fixed in the middle of the tent.

August, 27th

Here you can see what is going to be the kitchen. All the machines are delivered and will be mounted soon - on just 170 squaremetres. Here you can see the grills for the chicken, where 828 whole chickens can be grilled at the same time.

September, 1st

The beergarden and the southern "walls" are completed. When the weather is fine, up to 3.000 people can sit here, outside the tent. In the back you can see our "standing-tables", that will be moved inside soon.

September, 5th

The hop arrived. Hop is the main decoration of the Hofbraeu-Tent. More than 12 centner (about 600 kilograms) of hop will decorate the tent's inside.